WebEngine is an open-source, fast and secure CMS for private Mu Online game servers. The project initiated in late 2011 as a privately developed website, and was later licensed to MuEngine customers. In 2015 we made our first public release. Since then we have released every update and open-sourced our project to the Mu community, making it compatible with any Mu files.

Our mission is to build a modular and expandable microframework so any web coder, no matter their current PHP skills can easily create new features for the project.

What makes us special

  • Syntax

    We love coding, and we also love it when everyone understands our code. That's why we use PHP's syntax best practices.

  • Secure

    Our top priority. We make sure there are no vulnerabilities, aiming to be the most secure website for Mu Online servers.

  • Fast

    Optimizations with every update. We make sure our CMS stays fast, even under the most heavy of loads.

Getting Started

You can download the latest stable version in our release
section. Additionally you can use our cloud-based system.

If you like what we do and would like to be part of it
make sure to join us in our forum.