List of changes made throughout WebEngine's update history.


									[Core] reorganized webengine core
[Core] config.php file removed and replaced with webengine.json (configs)
[Core] webengine configurations are now loaded directly through json file
[Core] encryption class removed
[Core] added website configurations check
[Template] updated default template
[Template] added bootstrap cdn
[Fix] fixed minor issues throughout the engine
[Fix] fixed guild profile logo display
[Improvement] guilds ranking will now display list even if score is 0
[Security] added error handling in ranking modules
[Improvement] added gens ranks configuration
[Core] rankings class optimized
[Improvement] added increment rate configuration to buy zen module
[Security] added filter to check user input on amount of credits to exchange
[Improvement] added content check on downloads module
[Fix] fixed castle siege banner not displaying guild logo correctly
[Fix] fixed castle siege module not displaying guild logo correctly
[Fix] fixed link to guild on castle siege module
[Api] added new api for version check
[Core] added support for formatted language phrases
[Improvement] removed direct credit display in myaccount module
[Security] added error handling and optimized most usercp modules
[Improvement] optimized server file support system
[Template] donation logos updated
[Feature] added paymentwall donation api
[Fix] fixed issue with voting system not allowing username identifier in credit configuration
[Other] faq module removed
[Improvement] RewriteEngine turned off in admincp and api directories
[Core] moved languages folder to includes directory
[Core] moved cron folder to includes directory
[Template] navbar is now configurable from a json file
[Template] usercp is now configurable from a json file
[Template] template settings file removed
[Core] functions moved to single file at includes folder
[Core] added language debugging
[Template] added login box to sidebar
[Template] added youtube video block example on sidebar
[Template] added facebook page block example on sidebar
[Api] added server time api
[Api] added castle siege countdown api
[Template] created main.js for template javascript
[Core] added server time php configuration to webengine core
[Core] removed deprecated pagseguro library
[Core] added missing configurations for change email module
[AdminCP] added missing module for change email configurations
[Improvement] change email now allows disabling verification (not recommended)
[Core] added missing configurations for forgot password module
[AdminCP] added missing module for forgot password configurations
[Security] patched possible sql injection hole
[Security] added current credit check when subtracting credits (credit system)
[Feature] added new VIP library for IGCN compatibility
[Improvement] added new display configuration for credit system
[Security] fixed login system not terminating inactive sessions
[Improvement] install setup completed
[Improvement] added support for recaptcha v2
[AdminCP] database connection settings are now editable from the admincp
[AdminCP] website settings are now editable from the admincp
[Improvement] email system now detects server name automatically for email subjects
[Improvement] list of excluded characters from rankings is now at the module configuration
[AdminCP] admincp access list now editable from the admincp
[AdminCP] admincp modules access level is now editable from the admincp
[Improvement] server name variable now loaded by default on all emails
[AdminCP] usercp menu can now be edited from the admincp
[AdminCP] added language phrase list module
[AdminCP] navigation menu can now be edited from the admincp
[Core] removed build id from verion check api request
[AdminCP] favicon added
[Core] updated phpmailer library version 5.2.23
[Improvement] added json extension check to installer
[Improvement] changed php version comparison function on installer (native function)

1.0.9 PL1
[Fix] fixed issue with server time display on firefox
[Fix] fixed issue with account online status checking on credit system

1.0.9 PL2
[Improvement] added new functions to email system

1.0.9 PL3
[Fix] fixed contact us module

1.0.9 PL4
[Fix] issue with function sec_to_hms() not returning the correct amount of hours
[Fix] issue with installer not creating webengine tables on Me_MuOnline
[Other] removed webengine version md5 check from admincp
[Other] updated version

1.0.9 PL5
[Fix] issue with input types on Add Stats module
[Improvement] added new "custom" table configuration for easier compatibility edits
[Fix] issue with missing cache directories

1.0.9 PL6
[Other] updated install intro text
[Other] updated installer version
[Fix] cron jobs installer step not connecting to the correct database
[Other] updated webengine version
[Improvement] added PHP timezone list link in webengine loader
[Fix] cron jobs throwing a PHP HTTP_HOST error (PHP-CLI)
[Improvement] added support for grow lancer and mirage lancer characters
[Improvement] added character's base stats
[Other] removed enforcement of WebEngine's footer copyright
[Other] removed paypal's windows api (WebEngine no longer officially supports Windows platform, use CentOS/Linux)
[Improvement] optimized some cron job queries
[AdminCP] fixed download remove button not being displayed
[Fix] compatibility issues with Me_MuOnline database structure (MAJOR FIX)

1.0.9 PL7
[Fix] Guild logos helper not working properly (issue #7)
[Fix] PHP 7 function in Navbar and Usercp admincp configuration modules (issue #8)
[Fix] Character editor not working with missing grand resets table (issue #1)
[Fix] VIP System bug with IGCN database structure (issue #5)
[Enhancement] Added character exclusion in vote rankings and optimized module (issue #4)
[Other] Installer now displays the minimum required PHP version to run WebEngine (PHP 5.4)

1.0.9 PL8
[Fix] Syntax error in contact us form (issue #10)
[Fix] Non-https external source loading in default template CSS (google font) (issue #11)
[Fix] New account's default serial number changed to 13 digits (previously 12) (issue #13)
[Fix] Added support for IPV6 in validation class (issue #14)
[Fix] CUSTOM server files option not showing up in admincp's website settings (issue #15)
[Fix] Issues with $_SERVER variables on cron jobs
[Fix] WebEngine core being loaded twice in cron jobs
[Security] Installer now checks if .htaccess are working properly (private directories)
[Enhancement] Player profile now displays 0 on grand resets if no data found
[AdminCP] Updated CKEditor cdn to version 4.7.3
[AdminCP] Changed CKEditor mode to full
[AdminCP] Improved character search query
[AdminCP] Improved account search query
[AdminCP] Improved ban search query
[AdminCP] Added support for Me_MuOnline on account search by ip
[AdminCP] Improved account information module
[AdminCP] Added support for IGCN ConnectionHistory on account information module
[AdminCP] Added warning display if install directory still present

1.0.9 PL9
[Fix] Issues with cron jobs not being correctly executed
[Fix] Login issues with case-sensitive username (issue #18)
[Fix] Master cron job access and system load (issue #19)
[Fix] Missing access definition on all APIs (issue #20)
[Fix] Handler rendering the template to non defined access (issue #21)
[Other] Updated webengine domain
[Other] Updated version check webengine api
[Enhancement] Added support for "CUSTOM" files in rankings (where compatible)
[Fix] Admincp access incorrectly defined
[Other] Added dummy file inside plugins folder to prevent github from not including in release
[Fix] Minor fixes

1.0.8 PL1 (not officially released)

									[Feature] Added installation system
[Core] Fixed minor bugs


									[Security] .htaccess now only allows alpha-numeric requests
[Feature] Handler now supports multiple (frienly url) requests
[AdminCP] Now 100% responsive
[AdminCP] CKEditor is now loaded through its CDN
[AdminCP] Visually improved all modules
[AdminCP] Account search module created
[AdminCP] Account info module now combines 4 modules (account info, account characters, account's ip address and edit account)
[AdminCP] Module "accountsfromip" now gathers information from MEMB_STAT table as well
[AdminCP] Added character search module (includes "find character's account" functionalities)
[AdminCP] Character edit module now combines 2 modules (edit character and edit master level)
[AdminCP] Added online check to character edit module
[AdminCP] Added data filtering to character edit module
[AdminCP] Added a button to account information in "new registrations" and "online users" modules
[AdminCP] Added pagination to "new registrations" module
[AdminCP] Latest bans module now displays the last 50 bans
[AdminCP] Restructured latest bans module for easier viewing
[AdminCP] Added pagination to "block ip" module
[AdminCP] Added pagination to paypal transactions module
[AdminCP] Added search feature to paypal transactions module
[API] Fixed online check of superrewards api
[API] Added transaction check to superrewards api
[Core] Common's updateEmail() method changed to public
[Core] Common's addRewardItem() method removed
[Core] Items library removed
[Core] MuEngine library removed
[Core][Security] Handler's database instances removed from global variables
[Core][Feature] CreditSystem library created
[AdminCP] Removed cron job edit feature
[AdminCP][Security] Implemented new access level system for admincp (this will allow you to easily restrict certain modules to your staff)
[Improvement] 404 module removed (invalid modules will now redirect to the website home)
[Feature] Language switch feature added
[Core] Improved WebEngine's error system
[Core][Feature] Basic anti-flood system implemented
[AdminCP] Website configuration check added
[Core] Vote library completely recoded and implemented new CreditSystem
[Core] PagSeguro donations API added
[Core] PayPal API now uses the new CreditSystem
[Core] SuperRewards API now uses the new CreditSystem
[Core] Email library created
[Core] Account library created
[Core] Common's library code optimized
[Core] WebEngine's file structure improved and optimized
[Template] Removed unused images
[Template] Improved the overall look of the default theme

1.0.7 PL1

									Password change/recovery emails showing wrong date (reported by eynnad)
Password change query fixed (reported by KREATOR)
Guild marks colors corrected (thanks eynnad and KREATOR)
Encryption library now uses the config encryption_hash (16 characters recommended)
Removed encryption on version check (admincp)


									MD5 switch (on/off)
[1.0.6] PayPal & SR API's hotfix applied
[AdminCP] Master Level editor
Exclude characters from rankings
Give VIP at registration
Hide inactive usercp modules
Added support for non-standard SQL port (dblib)
Improved registration SQL queries
Improved login SQL query
Improved password change SQL query
Email verification message phrases fixed
[AdminCP] Ban system (permanent/temporal)
[AdminCP] Cron job reset button (clears all cron timers)
Facebook like and share buttons added to the news
Repaced DISQUS comments system with Facebook comments
Realtime server time
Realtime CS banner countdown
CS banner countdown is now relative to the user's time
Contact Us module
[AdminCP] New registrations list
[Fix] Guild mark logo binary to hex config added


									Top votes rankings
MuEngine library updated
Guild and Character Profiles
 -> Cached data updates once an hour (on request only)
[AdminCP] Top voters
[UserCP] Change account email address
Sidebar server information
Castle Siege module
Buy zen module
Added characters list in "My Account" module with link to profiles
Added custom credits options for PayPal and SuperReward donation APIs

1.0.5 PL1

									Top Online rankings for 4DB structure
Alternative PayPal API for windows
Adding Credits Online Check (all API's + admincp)
AdminCP version check


									Fixed news title not being able to handle symbols
Fixed plugin system not loading plugins
Fixed guild mark display
WebEngine logo added to the admin panel
[AdminCP] Edit news
SMTP configurations
Registration email verification
Registration welcome email
Sum TempCredits to cspoints display in myaccount module
Vote system comletely recoded and optimized
Vote system credits settings
[AdminCP] Edit character
Added IP Blocking System
Fixed password recovery system vulnerability
[AdminCP] Change account's password
[AdminCP] Change account's email address

1.0.4 PL1

									Added plugin variable for expanding the AdminCP navbar
Fixed website forum link not working in website navbar
New functions added for global configurations loading from XML
Fixed template extra sidebar module contents not being included


									[PHP] requires short_open_tags ON
New deault template
Handler now supports directories (sub-page system)
Added support for 404(not found) error
Extra security layer added to page request
Page name displayed in website title (SEO)
After login user will be redirected to the last users-only requested page
Failed login system now blocks the IP address (not the username)
Plugins system (new table WEBENGINE_PLUGINS)
Fixed vote system configuration not working
Fixed character reset not showing success message
Added new language phrases:

1.0.3 PL3

									Fixed forgot password module
Fixed VIP promotion not giving the promotion days

1.0.3 PL2

									Added display of current stats to the add stats module
Added 2 new PDO drivers (WebEngine can now be used in Apache for Windows)

1.0.3 PL1

									Fixed change password verifying process
Fixed admincp not showing online users when using 4DB structure
Fixed security issue with admincp modules
Fixed issue with PayPal and SuperRewards API not adding credits


									Private development


									Private development


									Private development


									Private development